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[Casual] Naya Enchantress: Form of the Dragon/Dinosaur
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Author:  Flyheight [ Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  [Casual] Naya Enchantress: Form of the Dragon/Dinosaur

I've long known that playing Form of the Dragon is a good way to get yourself killed in a game of magic so it came as no surprise to me that, upon evaluation, Form of the Dinosaur falls into the same camp.

Well I was talking about how unfortunate it was that I couldn't put Form of the Dinosaur in my Gishath deck for practicality reasons when I remembered Tamanoa. Of course now my brain won't let the idea go so here we are.

Considering I don't think that one copy of each of those three critical cards strewn throughout a 99 card deck is a good way to spell consistency, I'm making this version a 60 card cocktail.

Card Synergy Thoughts

As I look through things I think the best way to approach this is sort of as a Naya Enchantress Ramp deck.

Let's see how we look:
Creatures (18)
4 x Argothian Enchantress
3 x Herald of the Pantheon
3 x Voyaging Satyr

4 x Tamanoa
3 x Verduran Enchantress

1 x Elderscale Wurm

Non-Creatures (20)
3 x Fertile Ground

2 x Trace of Abundance
2 x Journey to Nowhere

1 x Convalescent Care
4 x Ghostly Prison
1 x Searing Meditation

2 x Cast Out

2 x Form of the Dinosaur

2 x Form of the Dragon

1 x Sandwurm Convergence

Land (22)
2 x Serra's Sanctum

3 x Arid Mesa
3 x Wooded Foothills
4 x Windswept Heath

1 x Sacred Foundry
2 x Stomping Ground
2 x Temple Garden

2 x Forest
1 x Plains
2 x Mountain

Curve: Creatures/Non-Creatures/Total


Considering how much of that is ramp it should be just fine.

And just for fun:
Draw: 10
Ramp: 11
Removal: 9 (granted 4 of that is from titanic enchantments...XD)

Edit: Doh!!! Wrong Satyr! Satyr Wayfinder now swapped out for the appropriate Voyaging Satyr

Author:  TPmanW [ Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Casual] Naya Enchantress: ForWow, Tm of the Dragon/Dinosaur

Wow, Tamanoa makes quite the combo. As long as you never hit something with 15 power, you'll recover. With multiple Tamanoas, you become an untouchable god.

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