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 Post subject: Brütal cards
PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:55 pm 
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Kill Master
Legendary Creature - Human Pilot Cleric (R)
Whenever Kill Master crews a vehicle, it gains Lifelink until the end of turn.
: Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield if you control an artifact with higher converted mana cost than it.
"Yeah, I'm a healer, not a warrior. That name is just to scare f..kheads off."

The Guardian of Metal
Legendary Creature - Artificer [raceless] (R)
Double Strike, Hexproof
You may play artifact cards from your graveyard.
"I'm not a fighter, I'm more of, what shall we say, a keeper of timeless secrets, that's all. For instance, did you know that this world was once ruled by an ancient race of Titans? They made that car there, and a million other things ! Including music ! F..king beautiful music, man !"

Emperor Doviculus
Creature - Elder Demon (R)
Flying, Haste
Whenever this or another Demon creature enters the battlefield, destroy target creature, artifact, or land.
, tap another untapped Demon you control with converted mana cost X: Search your library for a Demon with converted mana cost X+1 and put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

Bladehenge (classic rockers/noble rebels):
Lionwhyte (glam rockers/demon collaborationists):
Tear Drinkers (goths/undead drug addicts):
Tainted Coil (sadomaso alt. rockrers/demons):

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