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Author:  Barinellos [ Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Random Plot Generator (Beta)

Alessa Rehn throws a party on Aliavelli. She invites Asher, Lia Xin, Lourima Viiran and Narissa Enshar, but Alessa never throws good parties! Will this one be any different?

Well, I mean, the last one she was involved in went pretty poorly...

pft, the after party is where it's at anyway.

Alessa Rehn attempts to explain a youthful indiscretion to The Duchess, but The Duchess would rather talk about the mechanics of flight.

This already happened (as long as you sort of squint at the details).

it depends entirely on how you define 'flight'

Well, that's not how I remember the War of the Wheel starting...or ending...

I think it got the middle bits right at least....

The Eightfold Lotus attempts to explain religion to Sharaka, but the arrival of Huinn, Last of the Darkwings complicates matters.


Well, Ruwin? Huey? Barinellos? You know what to do...


funny story, Huinn was really just popping by for a loaf of bread, jug a milk, and stick of butter.

Author:  RavenoftheBlack [ Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Random Plot Generator (Beta)

The multiverse has it out for Aamir, as a Zombie Citizen attacks him. Poor Aamir now has to find The Shifter to talk some sense into him.

Aamir: "Look, I know that you like to cause havoc and all, but zombifying an entire society is simply rude."

Cyrryc Adda planeswalks to Iun Ilana. There, he suffers from amnesia at the hands of Fisco Vane, the Shark.

Fisco: "So, you don't remember anything about the Taxman on Montemord, or Denner Fabellian on Dammerdall?"
Cyrryc: "Umm, no..."
Fisco: "Good."

Valjan is under attack! Daneera must gather allies such as Raef before it's too late, but Daneera is hampered when she receives the artifact known as The Black Grail from Huinn, Last of the Darkwings.

Holy ****, that's a story. I can absolutely see Daneera being interested in the Black Grail, especially if she mistakenly thinks it can make someone a planeswalker. Granted, she wouldn't trust Huinn, but still...

Beryl, the Heart-Scarred chases Lady Nasina to the continent Koprafig. Upon landing on the continent Koprafig, she crosses the path of the other 'Walker.

Beryl: "I need your help."
Nasina: "You have chased me across worlds, little one. Why should I help you, and what do you want?"
Beryl: "I have stories to trade." Beryl withdrew a single Aubedore card and held it up. It was the Archmage. "And I'm looking for a man who didn't tell me the whole story."
Nasina: "If this man gave you that card, then you are looking for a man who never tells the whole story."

The paths of fate have converged and Beryl, the Heart-Scarred is deceived by Rimarra, on behalf of Donagut because of the machinations of Ilyria the Accursed.


(If you're imagining me making that Professor Farnsworth "Eh wha" sound, you're right.)

Six planeswalkers are summoned to a secret meeting: Gale with her rope, Fisco Vane with his jakk gun, Kahr-ret-Taris with his moorent, Orida Vise with her Doom Clapper, Antine with his Kahvan Saber, and Gruff, with a big stick. But suddenly the torches are extinguished, and everyone sets down their weapons! When the torches are relit, they find a dead body there!

These six planeswalkers now journey around the Multiverse, visiting planes and questioning one another. Eventually, though, it becomes clear that the murderer was Antine, on Aliavelli, with the Moorent.

~whimpering noises~

The Multiversal Prom is coming up on Iun Ilana! But Molcru doesn't have a date! Now Molcru is desperate to find someone to go with him! Molcru is resigned to being alone at the Prom. Oh No! Things get more complicated when Popular Planeswalker Asher delivers an epic put-down to Molcru and his "date!"

Okay, I admit that I added the quotation marks around "date," but it's the only way it made sense, which it does now. Perfect sense...


Lia Xin wakes up to find she's on Solphos. She last remembers being on the Pearl Moon/Mist Moon and has no memory of how she got here! Will Lia be able to regain those lost memories before Auric Avarius takes advantage of the situation?

Auric: ~singing~ "Silence is golden..."

Huinn, Last of the Darkwings finds himself captured by a very strange army comprised of Kors, Satyr Assassins, Nightmare Giants, and even Spawn Nymph Ninjas.

Then, a very strange army comprised of Kors, Satyr Assassins, Nightmare Giants, and even Spawn Nymph Ninjas finds itself dead.

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